End to End Google Ads PPC Management

Brandon Lincoln is a leading Google Ads PPC Expert that focuses on your success as a whole. Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, or both, our Google Ads PPC management services can help you reach your goals.

Google Ad Campaigns that drive the leads you want,
backed by strategies that convert

Every ad is optimized to appeal to your target market. Every landing page is A/B tested to get the best results. We pull every lever we can to improve your Google Ads PPC performance and we never run dry on innovative ways to improve your campaigns.i

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Scope of Services

The following services are covered in the Full Service Google Ads PPC Management package

These services combined will help us work together on a long-term basis to consistently improve the performance of your marketing dollars.

Google Ads Search Management

Comprehensive performance management of all your AdWords search campaigns, including mobile campaigns (click to call), search network campaigns and retargeting in search campaigns. AdWords management includes, but is not limited to, keyword management, negative keyword lists, traffic sculpting, creative ad copy and A/B testing, historical account analysis, competitive analysis, bid and budget management, custom scripts and plugins, Google Analytics integration, conversion tracking setup and more.

Google Ads Display campaign management

Custom designed image / flash / gallery ads in all major sizes (one new ad set per month). Display network advertising could be a very effective way to bring in traffic at scale and to increase awareness cheaper than the other campaign types. Our recommendation would be to hold off on display ads until after we're running highly profitable campaigns across all search and remarketing channels.

Dynamic Remarketing

Remarketing ads tailored to the specific pages your visitors spent time engaging with. While these types of ads don't always perform better than traditional remarketing ads, it's always something worth testing. Dynamic remarketing works especially well with ecommerce websites, but they can be a great strategy for traditional lead-gen campaigns as well. For example, ads can be tailored to visitors who spent time researching specific services or service categories. Dynamic remarketing ads will be designed using the Google display ad gallery, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Remarketing Audience Management

Creating sophisticated remarketing audiences based on data from Analytics. Custom audiences account for the inherent differences in the visitors coming through our advertising channels. Custom audiences include segmenting by traffic source, campaign, ad clicked, keyword and behavioral patterns such as which pages they viewed, how long they spent on our site, which links they clicked and more.

Google Analytics Integration

We'll make sure Google Analytics is properly installed on your website and landing pages, and link the account to AdWords (if it hasn't been done already). We'll also be setting up custom Analytics dashboards to more easily analyze AdWords traffic inside Google Analytics.

Google Tag Manager Implementation

We'll send you your Google Tag Manager container code for your developer to install, or we can install it ourselves after being granted backend access to your website. We'll also use Google Tag Manager to install additional tags, like the Facebook pixel, remarketing tags, conversion tags etc.

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Our Approach To Google Ads Management

You talk, we listen. We want to learn as much about your business as possible, including the intricacies of your target audience, your profit margins, and the lifetime value of your customers.

We come to the table with a healthy respect for the competition. Not only do we take the time to really understand your industry and who the different players are, we also use industry-leading software to research and analyze the digital advertising footprint of your competitor campaigns.

The most valuable asset available to us is your historical account data. We will parse through this vast amount of data in search of valuable trends that will guide our strategy. Google Ads management without a deep historical and competitive analysis is simply not doing the job right.

We take all of our research and analysis and translate it into an effective Google Ads PC strategy. With unrivaled attention to detail, We will construct Google Ad campaigns that maximize profitability and are enabled to scale.

As your Google Ads campaign performance data rolls in, we will make changes and pivot where necessary. We will bring a proactive approach as we A/B split test new ideas and seek new opportunities for growth. Every client that comes to us for Google Ads management can see enormous improvements in their ROI if their campaigns were thoughtfully and analytically optimized.