Brandon Lincoln Hendricks - A True Google Ads Expert

While many other digital marketing agencies provide cookie-cutter processes and commodity-based solutions, Brandon takes the time to learn about each individual client and their needs so he can establish a custom strategy and path to success. His passion for results and attention to detail directly translate into the services He offers.

Brandon Lincoln Hendricks- Top Rated Google Ads marketing Consultant

Google Ads Marketing Done Right!

He is an industry leading digital marketing expert specializing in Google Ads PPC management. Recognized by Google as a Certified Google Partner.

He is driven, motivated, and passionate about results. He believes that any digital marketing program can be better. Once a goal is met, another is set — He loves helping his clients succeed, then succeed faster.


Respect For Clients and Clients Money

Managing someone else’s money is an enormous responsibility. Whether the client is a small mom and pop e-commerce boutique or a publicly traded enterprise, the performance of the campaigns we run for our clients effect others’ livelihood. We manage your advertising dollars as if they were our own, because after all, businesses don’t pay taxes and businesses don’t pay employee salaries … people do.


When we manage ad campaigns for our clients, there’s no information or data that we have access to that our clients don’t. From AdWords account access to daily reporting and billing, every penny is accounted for, every optimization logged, and every data point shared. We own up to our mistakes and we make it very clear to our clients that they can ask us anything and get an honest answer.

Never Stop Learning

We operate in an incredibly dynamic, ever-changing industry. The ad products we use are changing and evolving on a regular basis, and if we don’t take time to stay on top of new features and successful strategies, our client campaigns will suffer. That’s why we put a great deal of time and effort to be on the vanguard of new products, features and strategies that we can put to work to benefit our clients.